Our Services

Whether you need personal security staffing for your business or security staff for events, you can count on Reliable Security Staffing agency to get the job done. Based in Atlanta, we’ve established ourselves as the best security staffing agency in the area. Bound by the highest standards of integrity and responsibility, we’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied with our security staffing services. We will offer the best security staffing services 


Reliable security staffing supplies a vast amount of security services and suggests optimum security staffing solutions for your personal and professional protection.

Residential complexes and Gated communities

Nowadays there is a sheer need of protection especially to the places where one is living along with his loved ones. Reliable security staffing will provide you appropriate security officers to ensure the safety of your own self and of your loved ones. Continuous interval patrols all around the vicinity will yield prime safety of all your personal professional and sentimental belongings.


Provision of premium security staffing solutions to a hotel is indeed a much tough task. The presence and passage of a swarm of public across the hotel everyday makes it vulnerable to a greater extent. Our firm oversees every single risk and acts before it becomes a possible hazard. Our patrolling guards conserve the hotel safety along with its disciplinary environment.

Construction sites

Construction sites have large number of product varieties that are hard to replace, not easily available and highly expensive. Our company ensures the safety of all your products using proactive security staffing solutions.

Office buildings

Our firm has all the potential experience and manpower to keep your workplace safe from all risking factors. Every potential hazard is eliminated using highly exceptional security techniques by our highly trained officers

Unarmed Escorts

If you are one of the people that are willing to travel across the state without any worry of being caught up by any threat, our firm is the one to call. We will provide you absolute protection as our unarmed officers are capable of dealing with all the possible threat outcomes. Our guards are given the appropriate support they need to protect you and your property. Our rigorous training makes them ready for risk factors specific to your site.

Off duty police

Everyone knows the capability of a state police officer. Our company will pave you the way to one exceptionally trained police officer out there for your own personal security task. The execution of these security staffing solutions will be unmatchable as compared to any security service in competence.